Welcome to our table
It is always a pleasure to have you as our guest
and to lead you on an interesting tour of our
local gastronomic tradition.

Salento is a land where the old values are still alive today because of the strong connection between rural culture and religion. Music, dance and the local dialect are not only a part of the old heritage and traditions, but also represent a lively and fundamental element that bring together the young people of Salento.
The affection for their land, the sense of belonging, and the ability to recognize theirselves in their land and in its colors, are not a sign of provincialism, but instead a sign of that one’s rootedness. They give value and depth to the age we live in, where it appears almost inevitable roots and cultural peculiarity might someday be lost.
At the table we think it is possible to tell the story of a land and its 'generous poverty'. If books are not able to hand famous names and important facts down to posterity, then everyday life consecrates actions and customs to the memory of men.
It is difficult to understand the oppressions suffered by the local peasants throughout time, but the name of our courses tell more than economic treatises.

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